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Nick Maguire

Managing Director

Nick Maguire is an award winning creative whose career with Saatchi & Saatchi and Barkers plc spans over forty years. He is a specialist in building clients’ brands across all means of communication and was creative director and project lead in the large consortium that designed and launched the ‘Glasgow: Scotland with style’ brand in 2004.

Nick brings a wealth of experience to the project team and a unique insight into the requirements, objectives and standards of all clients at the most senior level.

[email protected]


King Koopa

King of all Koopas, Bowser’s ultimate aim is to marry Princess Peach and defeat Mario. Physically intimidating, Bowser can also breathe fire and has skills in black magic.

More recently, Bowser can generally be seen on his ‘Kart’ being raced around the studio coffee table after 5pm on a Friday.

Stephen Maguire

Financial Director

Stephen has been at Maguires since its humble beginnings in 1997. He is a director of the company, responsible for strategic management, business development, financial planning, print and production management. Stephen has also worked with the other directors to build and maintain strong client relationships over the past 15 years, taking complex briefs and working to strict deadlines.

Steve is an avid movie buff and often enjoys reciting entire scenes from his favourite movies on a Friday afternoon.

[email protected]

Charles Montgomery Burns


Evil owner of the Springfield power plant, Burns spends most of his time monitoring office workers via closed circuit TV cameras.

Chris Maguire

Creative Director

Chris has worked with Maguires since 2003 and has been the agency’s Creative Director since 2012. Chris graduated with an honours degree in English Literature before moving to London, where he trained as a junior designer for one year before moving back north to build the Maguires digital division.

Passionate about all things design and tech, Chris is a specialist in joined up communications and the creative use of all media channels. Integral to his philosophy is the cerebral process which all Maguires design solutions undertake. Chris is responsible for the creative output of the studio and liaises with clients on a one to one basis to ensure all design and communications needs are realised.

In a parallel universe, Chris writes electronic music and runs a beach bar in Ibiza, whilst still designing and creating for Maguires (of course).

[email protected]

Pantone Book

Colour Provider

A designer’s best friend.

The Pantone colour books allow the studio to express themselves through colour and choose beautiful, vibrant hues for all our lovely branding.



Garry Stevenson

Senior Designer

Garry is a graphic design and typography enthusiast with over twenty years’ experience in the design industry who started at Maguires back in 2000. He has extensive knowledge of brand development for a diverse range of clients and has developed creative solutions for a wide range of marketing materials.

His skills include logo design, web design, social media graphics, app user interface design and interactive presentation documents – plus a range of design work for print such as stationery, posters, leaflets, advertising, clothing and large-format outdoor displays.

An Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, he says that despite all the intricate photo montage and retouching work he’s done, it’s swapping heads in photos that always interests people the most. Garry is also the annoying guy who knows all the keyboard short-cuts.

[email protected]

Koopa Shell

MarioKart Trophy

The prized possession and reward for a triumphant victory in the studio MarioKart competitions.

Needs a dust.

Andy Watson

Web Developer

Andy has worked with the internet since its early adoption in 1997 while completing his engineering masters degree at Strathclyde University. Andy co-founded Red Paint with his business partner Alastair following graduation in 2001, with the company going from strength to strength. Over the last 15 years, Andy has worked with many prestigious national and international clients on a wide range of complex projects. Andy is the Technical Director and is responsible for system architecture, platform development and ensures our web platforms meet the very highest standards.

Andy sometimes jokes that he looks at the world in a Matrix style of letters, symbols and numbers but we’re not all that sure he’s joking.

Andy is a keen rugby fan and follows the Glasgow Warriors, he is also a keen sailor having crossed the Atlantic ocean and across Europe.


The Bullseye

Lunchtime Challenge

A tough place to hit with only one direct hit to date – we’re referring to the office dartboard of course. Our work hits the bullseye every time  😉

Nicola Gillan

Account Handler/Traffic Manager

With many years account handling experience with Maguires, Nicola’s specialist skills are project management, workflow trafficking and client/media liaison.

Nicola is responsible for day-to-day project management and client contact. She ensures projects are delivered on time and to budget, that there is brand consistency across all mediums and that the client team is kept informed and consulted at each key stage of the project.

Her eye for detail is second to none.

[email protected]

Lord Vader

Supreme Commander

Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order. More importantly, he’s also our biscuit tin.



Chris Hannah

Senior Designer

Chris brings a wealth of creative experience to Maguires, having worked for wide range of clients over the years, including; The SSE Hydro, Network Rail, Celtic FC, Fray Bentos, RBS, Newsquest, intu Properties, Harlequins RFC and Red Bull.

From developing creative concepts to implementing them across print, digital, DM, ambient and TV, Chris prides himself on producing original, and effective, solutions for his clients.

An avid fan of gig poster art, Chris hopes to finally get his hands dirty, learning the noble art of screen printing.

[email protected]

Jabba the Hutt


Han Solo’s nemesis and friend of the bounty hunter, Jabba used to have a palace on Tatooine, before migrating to the Maguires bookshelf in January 2015.

Alastair McDonald

Web Developer

Alastair co-founded Red Paint in 2002 following graduation from Strathclyde University with an MEng in Manufacturing Engineering with a Diploma in Management. Alastair gained valuable exposure to the IT world through being sponsored though university by IBM and was able to undertake 21 months of full-time work experience during the degree.  It was this exposure that provided the confidence to start up in business. 13 years later, Red Paint is going strong with a growing client base and a robust partnership with Maguires.


Currently, there are no vacancies at Maguires but we’re always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic freelancers, so if you fit the bill, drop us your CV at: [email protected]

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