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Working With You

Collaboration is a key factor in our method. We work WITH you to produce a product that is aesthetic, modern and fit for purpose.

This process starts with a rigorous requirements capture session, which essentially means we find out exactly what the project deliverables and expectations are.

This phase is crucial to our development and ensures that we all are aware of and agree on specific milestones, which are then programmed into our online project management tool.

Content is king. Without content, a web presence has no substance.

It’s therefore integral that we discern at an early stage the scope and range of content available for the site build.

What key messages to you want to say on your website? How do you want your brand to be perceived?

What sort of tone do you want to establish? We will work with you to ensure your content ticks all the right boxes.


With project milestones now established and signed off, the design phase begins…..this is where the website starts coming to life.

Our site layouts will always be modern, fresh and vibrant with the look and feel that you require for your business. We will work within your brand guidelines to ensure joined up communications and creative continuity.

The designs will be constructed initially as wireframes and then as full colour images for comment and feedback.

Through our design iterations and process a definitive template for each webpage will be agreed and signed off before development.


Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that makes use of flexible layouts and flexible images to ensure your website gracefully adapts to all platforms and devices.

The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly, meaning your site will always retain the same content on desktop or mobile.

Maguires always design with mobiles and tablets in the forefront of our thoughts and in many cases adopt a ‘mobile first’ design approach to our builds.

Content Managed

You want a website designed and built but you want full control over the content, right?

Having to always go back to that pesky agency to pay for updates is a total pain and completely unnecessary.

We build sites using widely used, flexible frameworks ensuring the client has as much control over the content as they desire.

We will also provide on site tutorials to site admins and initiate CMS walkthroughs to provide the client with the sufficient knowledge to be confident in their content management.

Development Development Development

Web development is a complex, highly skilled business but it need not be a dark art.

Throughout the development process, Maguires will always ensure that we keep you updated with frequent project updates from the development team and face to face chats, ensuring piece of mind. Our development phase is completed with open and rigorous testing sessions to provide a product which is fit for purpose on all platforms.

We will then provide free support for one month to alleviate any snagging and de-bugging issues that might arise.

We're great hosts

Our dedicated Maguires server ensures site security, with 99% up time and frequent backups.

Our server is fast, responsive and handles traffic spikes easily and efficiently.

We have also implemented robust server-hardening software to ensure there are no external threats and our clients have real-time protection against hackers and spammers.

It also helps that our server is run out of Europe’s greenest data centres, with client data backed up each night to file level.

Additionally, our support service is knowledgable, informed, local and up to date.

So let us take the pain out of your hosting hassles.

Be visible

So your beautiful, shiny new website has been designed, built and is now live – hurrah!

But why can I not see it on Google? And by the way, what about marketing on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter?

Well look no further, we can help. Maguires optimise all of our sites for launch with an initial SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) health check to ensure your site is configured correctly.

We can do more though, including full digital marketing services for maximum brand visibility on social.


Currently, there are no vacancies at Maguires but we’re always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic freelancers, so if you fit the bill, drop us your CV at: [email protected]

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