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Our core ethos

Great design improves communications and breeds trust.

Let's Go

At Maguires design is our passion, a passion which we love sharing with our clients.

Our projects are an open and collaborative process, with all aspects of our approach carefully considered.

We manage our projects online in a refreshingly transparent way, ensuring our clients are well informed throughout the process, with all feedback respected and discussed.

Our clients know their business better than we do and that’s why we’re here to listen.

Our flexibility means we can provide marketing materials for print and digital, small and large formats, websites, apps and large scale installations.

We’ll continue to work with a passion, drive and determination, ensuring top class creative for all of our clients, large and small, on time and to budget.

Beauty and The Brief

Great design starts with a solid brief.

Accurately articulating aims and objectives will help us form a cerebral creative rationale which forms the cornerstone of your campaign.

We also understand that writing a brief can be a difficult and complicated exercise, one which takes substantial time. Our clear and concise briefing sheet will ask the right questions and help you give the answers we need in a totally confidential environment.

We also appreciate that time may be of the essence and a substantial brief is simply not feasible.

Maguires are experts at quick turnarounds and will always strive to produce top quality work, whatever the time constraints.

We go the extra mile to ensure marketing and communications challenges are met and answered creatively and efficiently.

A Clear, Cerebral Strategy

Crucial to your campaign is a marketing strategy which will act as a touch stone throughout the project duration.

With our expertise, we’ll devise a robust set of KPIs which will ensure our creative hits the mark.

We can also advise on future strategies with clarity and a forward-thinking mentality, with each new strategy having a clear distinction from the previous one and from the competition.

This approach will ensure your marketing has continuity and creative legs.

"Think Different"

This famous slogan from the 1980s Apple advertising campaign crystallises our ethos.

It is estimated that the average consumer can see as many as 5000 marketing messages a day.

So how do we as communicators cut through this white noise? Creativity is the key, both in design and our thought process.

Clear, effective and on-brand advertising will provide your company with the ability to establish itself in the marketplace and increase your brand’s awareness, giving your company the confidence to grow on multiple media channels.

We’re proud of the fact that many of our clients have won marketing awards in partnership with Maguires.

Fat Free

All of our team are highly experienced and multi-skilled, working in harmony and collaborating in a creative environment to produce inspiring campaigns.

Designers are openly encouraged to expand their skill-sets, which is beneficial to our employees and our clients.

Crucial to the Maguires ethos is the ability for our team to provide a multi-channel approach to creative, guaranteeing clients get maximum value for money at all times.

Our merry bunch frequently go the extra mile, ensuring your work being delivered on time and to budget.

All of our clients have direct access to every member of the creative department to discuss creative and communicate feedback.

Channel Surfing

Key to your strategy is the targeting of appropriate media channels, defining which audience sees and hears your creative.

What are the demographics and geographics of your audience? What media do they consume? What sort of tone do they empathise with?

Asking the right questions will deliver the right results.

With the ability for consumers to view more media than ever before, the choice of where your campaign is delivered is crucial.

Our experience and knowledge of traditional and new media ensures your media channels reach your target audience, which is why one of our key partners are experts in market research.

Quality Control

The strategy has been agreed, the creative concept designed, executed and signed off. What’s next?

Before final delivery of your campaign we undertake a rigorous proof-checking process involving both in-house software and the old fashioned way….the human eye.

Attention to detail is essential to ensure typos and spelling errors are eradicated and grammatical errors corrected, giving our clients piece of mind at all times.

Friends For Life

Many of the best things in life come from long lasting, harmonious relationships. Our clients trust us.

We pride ourselves on our varied and expanding client list, many have been with us for over 10 years.

Our quality and volume of work is testament to the working partnerships we nurture, collaborating with a passion and drive to ensure marketing targets are met year on year and awards are won by our clients.


Currently, there are no vacancies at Maguires but we’re always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic freelancers, so if you fit the bill, drop us your CV at: [email protected]

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